Sunday, April 10, 2011

Complication of Flu

Most of annual deaths form seasonal influenza A are die to pneumonia caused by the virus spreading into the lungs.

The person with the flu may suffer complications of pneumonia if care is not properly given and without medical attention.

Secondary complications in unvaccinated individuals, especially those over 65 years infants or with underlying medical conditions, may lead to bacterial pneumonia if S. aureus or H. influenza invade the danged respiratory tissue.

Most deaths occur from viral pneumonia because the body creates such as dramatic immune response to the virus that it floods the lungs with fluids in its attempts to attack the multiplying viruses.

Viral pneumonia can be deadly force, killing forty-eight hours of disease onset. The influenza virus can disable and over whelm the immune system.

The early symptoms of viral pneumonia may resemble those of influenza a dry cough, fever headache muscle pain and weakness.

Twelve to 36 hours later, however people with viral pneumonia may experience increased breathlessness, worsening cough with mucous, high fever and possibly blueness of the lips.

Immunizing a person is the most effective protective measure for those who are so susceptible by increasing though the body’s defense mechanism.

Older people should be sure to receive immunization for flu, as well as for pneumonia, a very serous disorder for anyone who has chronic illness or a compromise immune system.
Complication of Flu
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