Saturday, November 09, 2019

What is genotype?

Genotype and phenotype are terms that are used to differentiate between the genetic makeup of an individual and which genes are to be expressed respectively. Genotype is the complete set of genes in its DNA responsible for a particular trait.

Genotype refers specifically to the genes, not the traits; that is, the raw information in an organism's DNA.

Genotype is determined by the makeup of alleles, pairs of genes responsible for particular traits. An allele can be made up of two dominant genes, a dominant and a recessive gene, or two recessive genes. The combination of the two, and which one is dominant, determines what trait the allele will express.

It is a part of the sequences of the genome or the genetic makeup of that organism. The genotype carries the instructions for development and functioning of a cell. Hence, it is referred to as the “blueprint” of a cell. These instructions are written by the aid of the genetic code. Genotype is one factor that determines the characteristics, appearance and behavior of a particular organism.

The appearance and the behavior can be altered by inherited epigenetic factors and environmental factors. The environment and genotype interact to make the final appearance of an organism (e.g. humans grow taller this century due to better food & medicine).
What is genotype?
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