Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What are the symptoms of H5N1?

The type and severity of symptoms and patient outcomes can vary depending on the properties of a particular viral strain and the patient’s age and medical status at the time of infection.

H5N1 avian influenza has been shown to result in more severe infection in humans than seasonal influenza strains. The incubation period of H5N1 prior to symptoms is 2-8 days. H5N1 often causes acute viral pneumonia due to altered viral tropism specific of the lower respiratory tract.
Www.Flu.gov, the U.S. site for flu information, notes that symptoms of H5N1 in humans include:
*Fever and cough
*Acute respiratory distress
*Runny nose
*Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
*Abdominal pain

The striking difference in symptoms between those infected with the 18997 strain and the strains circulating in 2004-2005, was the high prevalent of dyspnea (short of breath) and diarrhea in the later patients.

Dyspnea was present in only 6% and diarrhea in 17% of patients infected with the 1997 strain.
What are the symptoms of H5N1?
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