Friday, July 20, 2018

The Start of a Cold

Common cold viruses can be spread by three mechanisms:
o Direct contact
o Indirect contact
o Inhaling viral particles

The rhinovirus, coronavirus and the adenoviruses are responsible for this self-limiting upper respiratory tract infection.

Once the virus has invaded the nasal cavity and bronchial epithelia, it causes damage to the ciliated cells, which, in turn, release inflammatory mediators and cause inflammation of the nose tissue lining. Colds take one to three days to develop. They usually begin with a sore throat, followed by sneezing, sometimes a fever, a runny or stuffy nose, and cough. The flu can be much more severe, it usually starts suddenly and can affect the whole body.

Persons with colds shed viruses the most on the second day of illness, however, low levels of viral shedding may persist for up to two weeks.

Onset & duration of symptoms:
• Usually comes on gradually
• Most common Sept-April
•Adults will get 2-4 colds/year
•Children will get up to 12 colds/year
•Colds are a powerful asthma trigger
•Lasts about oneweek
The Start of a Cold
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