Sunday, January 15, 2017

Flu virus contagious

Influenza viruses are highly contagious, causing respiratory symptoms in humans, animals and birds. Transmission of the human flu virus takes place during the first week of infection.

Flu viruses are passed though the air when an infected patients talks, coughs or sneezes. A sneezes can leave a 25 foot cloud of infections flu viruses hanging in the air for fifteen minutes.

Patients start feeling sick from one to four days after they were exposed to the flu virus. Adults generally can spread the virus to others starting one day before they feel sick, and up to seven days after the symptoms start.

Children can infect others for much longer. They are infectious for several days before they start to feel sick. They can pass the virus on for more than seven days after showing flu symptoms.

After a week, there are no more virus particles to be found but by that time, they have been sneezed and coughed all over everyone nearby. They have been spread though the air by aerosol particles of mucosal fluid.  
Flu virus contagious
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